Engineer before: Adding Value

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Cranes Usabiaga, SA is not just a crane rental company. We provide engineering projects to meet the needs of the customer. Where other companies are limited to renting equipment, cranes Usabiaga, SA provides the expertise necessary to perform the work requested. In this regard, we plan to maneuver, defend the viability of the institution and the executive in charge of the auxiliary means that may be required (assemblers, transportation, lifts, special lifting tools, signaling and protection elements ...) to deliver the work with all intermediate steps.

Usabiaga Engineering

Usabiaga Engineering

Comprehensive service

We do this using their own means. The various group companies provide us the means to perform different tasks.

Cranes Usabiaga, SA offers:

  • The widest range of lifting and transportation for your needs.
  • A technical department to solve his productions.
  • Implementation of projects of assembly and logistics, handling all necessary means to perform them. Since transport and assembly of a line of machinery with mechanical and own staff, to solve the loading and distribution of a client's product with the same intermediate storage at the premises of our delegations.
  • See custom solutions