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Modular pontoon for dredging

Modular pontoon 42 m. in length by 15 meters wide

The pontoon to work on the water, is tailored for dredging operations, so on board with a bulldozer on caterpillars LIEBHERR R992 Litronic model.

This 150 ton machine, a bucket capacity of 10 m 3 or 20 tons and a maximum range of 17.40 m. (Available with straight arm which is responsible for a rise of 5.02 m.) Moreover, the maximum lift on its deck level, is 11,802 m. with a scope, this elevation of 9.0 m. The machine can get to dredge at a depth -20 m.

Similarly, we have described the backhoe R-992, we have other cranes or optimal tool for the work to be performed.

The team on deck complete with winches for positioning of the barge, a total of 4 16-ton winches. Shooting each one, working with 150 m. 22 mm cable. in diameter (these teams are weighing 5-Tns., cable included), 2 winches of smaller size (weight of 2.5 tons. each.) At the ends of them have 5 Anclote of 4 tons for the positioning of the pontoon.

Another work material, such as fuel tanks for the dredging machine, pipes, octopus, tools, etc, are on board to carry out the necessary work.