Prevention of occupational hazards

The Directorate of CRANES Usabiaga, SA / SL Usabiaga DEMOLITIONS ratify the following policy action in Occupational Health and Safety, which applies in all services to be performed, for all its employees and facilities of the company:

Life, physical integrity and health of workers whose rights are protecci6n must be a constant of everyday life for all of us at CRANES Usabiaga, SA and SL Usabiaga DEMOLITIONS, and especially those who, in one or another level in either job, exercising control. CRANES activity Usabiaga SA / DEMOLITION Usabiaga SL, defined in the scope of the Integrated Quality-Environment-Prevenci6n, forces us to consider that people are the most important asset of our company. The cranes are vehicle ', but it is people who drive them. It is our goal to establish a preventive politics guide us towards a model of IJrevenci6ncientífica. intearal. v inteqrada lJarticilJativa. Based on the principle that all accidents, incidents and occupational diseases can and should be avoided, the company is committed to ensuring a high level of safety and health at work, not limited only to comply with the rules in force legislaci6n, but taking action to raise the level of workers protecci6n marked by the law, wherever possible and necessary.

This commitment will be expressed overtly, and is one of the main objectives marked in the general policy of the company. The center line of command and enhance the integraci6n take security in all our activities, establishing a basic principle that improved productivity is achieved with greater security, because we must not forget that the conservation of material and human resources is a key to reduce costs.

In order to promote safe behavior in the activities carried "Ollada, provide the employees of any existing information on the risks inherent in their work and be trained in media and directions for connecting prevenci6n and protecci6n in appropriate. Similarly, it will promote the participation of all employees in matters related to risk prevenci6n at work, because they know them in more depth the details of the tasks they perform, and therefore are best suited to brainstorm on the safer way to carry / as out.
One of the objectives of the Occupational Risk Prevenci6n is to prevenci6n mejorarcontinuamente on to achieve an improvement in safety and health at work and occupational risk reducci6n, research or development of new forms of protecci6n and effective structures promoci6n prevenci6n.

Also be encouraged that manufacturers, importers and suppliers informaci6n provide all necessary for the use and handling of the machinery that carries out its work CRANES Usabiaga SA / DEMOLITION Usabiaga SL, which is sometimes exclusive, asf and equipment, products , raw materials and produce useful work without risk to the safety and health of workers, fulfilling asf CRANES Usabiaga SA / SL DEMOLITIONS Usabiaga their reporting obligations in respect of workers In achieving all these objectives, the resources allocated necessary and should be planned adequately utilizaci6n thereof.


  • Jose Francisco Usabiaga