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Parts Port Expansion

Usabiaga Cranes - Port of passages

Usabiaga Cranes - Port of passages

By placing Usabiaga Cranes by thirteen large beams, entering its final stages of redevelopment of the West Pier Donibane at the Port of Pasajes, where he placed a fairing area. In the coming weeks will begin to build the new docks that will provide access to 163 berths.

"This is a fundamental step in the planned management of the water surface," said the chairman of the Port Authority of Pasajes, Miguel Buen, during the visit to the work being carried out both at this point in the bay as in the spring and Hospitalillo Torreatze area of ​​San Pedro, where he placed another 200 moorings and 58, respectively.

The projected total of 421 moorings throughout the Puerto represent a total investment in excess of 4 million euros. Good said that "although this is not to create a marina itself, yes we want users to have a service comparable to other such facilities and to facilitate the enjoyment of boating and recreational activity, ending also with occupation somewhat chaotic, by small pleasure boats, the waters of the bay. "

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