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Show on the shore

Crane in action

Crane in action

The emergence of the whale on the shore of Zarautz yesterday became an unusual spectacle.

Cranes Usabiaga, through their powerful cranes and special vehicles, has been in charge of maneuvering to rescue and remove.

  • 12 meters is about the young whale
  • 30 Meters
  • It is estimated that five years had

Hundreds of Zarautz and tourists came down to the promenade and the beach to see as close to the sperm whale, 12 feet and 30 tons of weight and gray. Moreover, the maneuvers to rescue him, move out of its death bed lasted all day, which made the process of rescuing the banks was followed by many viewers and was photographed thousands of times.

The last trip of the sperm whale

Last night the body was removed from the beach and was taken to make an autopsy before burial. The Aquarium will take over the remains of a specimen that was killed yesterday in Zarautz

A sperm whale 12 meters and 30 tons appeared yesterday at 6.30 am dying stranded in Zarautz, where he eventually died. The issue caused a great excitement and many curious people came to the beach Zarautz for near the whale, whose remains will take the Aquarium of San Sebastian. This past midnight the whale was hoisted from the beach to a truck. The initial idea was transported by a tugboat Pasaia Facal, but the heavy seas advised to evacuate by land.

Late last night the remains of the whale was lifted by two cranes Usabiaga up truck. The operation, which began about nine o'clock at night, had to last for almost three hours due to the difficulties presented by the power up to the mammal that remained stuck in the sand at low tide. Aranzadi society members stated that the autopsy is planned before the remains are buried somewhere in the territory which are not specified and remain there about five years to decompose. After this time when only the bones remain, the Aquarium rescue the skeleton in order to exhibit to the public, said the president of the Oceanographic Society of Gipuzkoa, Vicente Zaragüeta.

Hundreds of people attended yesterday morning the sand to see this issue Zarautz young sperm whale "Physeter macrocephalus', stranded on the shore and with the tail buffeted by the waves. The emergency services rushed to the beach to cordon off the area to prevent people from approaching the whale. Previously, some managed to approach the issue, now immortalized in photos. Precautions were taken to contagion risk of disease, because it was unaware of the cause of death of the specimen. "Surely there was pneumonia, which is most common in these animals," explained Enrique Franco, one of the many members present Amber, Society for the Study and Conservation of Marine Life. Its experts ruled out a violent death because the outer skin had not hit or injured. Ludi Rueda, Bachelor of Marine Science, and amateur marine species Aitor Leiza, attempted to remove the animal's body without success. Not pulling out a long with the help of about fifteen people could move the whale.

Attempt to drag

There was, with its gray back on the air, like a mountain of dark meat in the middle of the navy and being the target of thousands of eyes. Hundreds of children in the front row next to the room reserved, were excited. By midmorning, a beach cleaning tractor out to the arena tried pulling the hawser. The vehicle power failure forced to think of another solution, while the tide was rising and rising waves. Early in the afternoon drag to Orio toyed with a port tug Pasaia Facal even had a hawser attached to the queue. Finally the idea was discarded and decided to move directly to the ground where it will be buried.

Amber biologist, Ilazki Goenaga, coordinated the process, FCC employees, the owner of the tractor in charge of cleaning up the beaches, rescuers and policemen. She was the first to reach the sandy advised by officials of the municipality had appeared on the eastern shore young sperm whale.

Aitor Leiza, a member of the association for nature Arkamurka (cork oak), warned of the need to agree on how to act in these situations. "There is a protocol for cases like these. That institutions need to agree to draft a manual and do not go jamming. " He also explained that "normally arrive sick and can not have an animal with a disease a beach with people, kids ... Someone should quickly examine the animal and determine what should be done and who should intervene"

Leiza also noted that there is a place to bring a wounded dolphin. "Recently there appeared several Bermeo, along the coast and no one knew what to do. In Zumaia another knife sewn. Someone intentócazarlo because he thought he could eat his flesh. And he could not be cured. "

Farewell Ovation

The dismissal of the sperm whale was spectacular. Zarautz beach was packed at midnight to witness the outcome of the episode of the whale died. It was a long wait, because since eight o'clock that night they were given the conditions for lifting the end, but the suspense of arrival of cranes, trucks, tractor and beach cleaning throughout the preparation of the mammal survey merited worth the wait to viewers. The final operation was developed in half an hour. Cranes lift the whale got sand straight into the truck, one arm raised with two straps the area of ​​the head and the other line to put it in a truck whose trailer was long an open box above, which lying on the asphalt walk.

The moment of hoisting the farewell, caused a huge standing ovation

Source: Diariovasco.com

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