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Liebherr LR 11350 Crane at Estadio Carranza Usabiaga

Placement of the visor Carranza stadium

Usabiaga Cranes begins work to put the visor of Carranza. The powerful Liebherr LR 11350 Crane Crane Usabiaga with capacity for 1,350 tons is responsible for raising the structure and mounted.

The placement of the visor Carranza stadium and is becoming a reality. Has begun operation, estimated to last a few days. A large crane, 1,350 tons, is in charge of raising the three structures that are already assembled in the square of Madrid.
At first considered the possibility of having to leave the two blocks surrounding the square in Madrid, but ultimately not necessary. Municipal technicians and the company the Town Planning, Ignacio Roma, have had several meetings with Civil Protection, Local Fire and Police to coordinate this work and with the neighbors, who have received all explanation of the rearrangement and the final state that is the Plaza de Madrid after Carranza's work is finished.
Photography: The Digital Voice

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