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Crane Liebherr LR11350, new dock in the port of Barcelona

Start machinery Cranes arrive Usabiaga Barcelona's port.

Crane Liebherr LR11350 Usabiaga in building the new dock in the port of Barcelona.

Usabiaga cranes, specialist in the construction of new ports, docks and piers, was awarded the construction of the breakwater of Port reinforcement Nou in Barcelona harbor. The work will be to strengthen the existing dam with over 12,000 new blocks of 80 tons each. For this great work we moved one of our Liebherr LR11350 to Barcelona.
This crane is capable of lifting up to 1,350 tons, making it the most versatile and modern crane in the world.

For weeks Usabiaga cranes are working on the construction of hundreds of new concrete blocks within the work itself, which will begin to drop dramatically once you finish the installation of the crane.

One attraction of this work will be the placement of the crane more than ten meters high above a concrete porch can withstand and move the crane and its load. Due to the limited space available to place the crane, the crane engineering department Usabiaga has solved the problem by building a concrete superpórtico which will ease traffic in the port.

  • Article and photos: Xavier Besas Icart

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