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Liebherr 11,350: Completed removal of the dome Buesa Arena.

Liebherr Cranes dome Usabiaga Dismantling 11350
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Following the successful transfer and pcolocación operation, we conclude the complicated removal of the dome of Buesa Arena. The placement of the new dome is scheduled for August 2.

The most delicate operation of the work of Fernando Buesa Arena expansion has been the withdrawal of the skeleton of the dome, from its current location to the parking structure built on the outside of the trades. The nature of this movement is a "highly technical", as declared by the Provincial Council of Álava in a statement.

The crane, which has an arm length of 120 meters, operating at a height of 70 meters and can lift 1,600 tons of weight, and is mounted on a platform in the Fernando Buesa Arena parking. In the operation, the crane will lift the dome of the pavilion, which weighs about 200 tons.

The transfer operation has three phases. In the first, the removal of the dome, for posarla on the floor. The second phase of the crane to move it closer to the new location of the dome. Finally, the crane raises the soil structure for posarla on the pillars, where he lives from that moment.

The county council has explained that the transfer of the dome is the move "more sensitive" to the whole reform, which requires not only an extreme delicacy, but weather conditions are suitable, with a total absence of wind. Therefore, Buesa Arena UTE is coordinating the security device to the service of Civil Protection of Vitoria and Emergency Management of the Basque Government. Under the plan, not only the conditions for the operation itself but also all necessary measures to prevent risks to both people who will serve on the work as the facilities and the public that expected to go to see the operation.

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