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Four 220-ton cranes for tree transplanting


Four huge cranes hoisted the set

In Donostia-San Sebastián, three towering redwoods and dominate the landscape of Pius XII, competing in the limelight with the source and Amara Plaza hotel. For 45 years these trees have been developed in the plot of the institute last month Peñaflorida that was torn down to build a new school. The controversy over the cutting of most trees in the area was numb when he decided to 'save' the felling of these three unique copies. The transplant operation was undoubtedly spectacular and was conducted with thirty workers on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday.

The director of the company contracted by the City Council (Doctor Tree), Gerard Passola says it all started "8 months ago" when the former municipal government asked advice before the next throw of the institute. It was agreed that copies of most value were this group of three redwoods (Sequoiadendrom giganteum) with more than five decades old. The thing was there. After the elections and the change of government "is returned to the theme and specifying the operation were" finally decided "in September-October." This company has done transplants in several countries, but none of these dimensions. The height of the largest of these trees is 22 meters and the total weight, including the 1.30 meters in thickness of the earth, comes close to 220 tons.

From 22.30 am on Tuesday began the final phase. Four huge cranes hoisted the whole, once introduced into the bottom of a structure of beams and iron pipes. The 'gondola' should travel vertically on a special transport was transferred to a crawl down the street Manuel Collado to Pius XII. Just 200 meters, but that required removing traffic signs, traffic lights and streetlights, as well as overcome the tops of the great cedars in the vicinity. Half a dozen municipal police cut traffic, Usabiaga crane 10 employees began the final stage of transfer to the final garden at 2.32 pm. Nine minutes later, the three redwood trees in their final resting site between a round of applause. A bottle was thrown txakoli like the launching of a ship in question. The work will continue this week to develop the area and will last for a year because "what matters is that these three individuals are still living." The operation has cost 92,360 euros. Coach Juan Mari Odriozola municipal explained that "it is a gesture that people understand the value of trees."


Sequoia transplanted


Special transport Usabiaga

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