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Ferry rescue Spectacular Maverick Two Liebherr LR1600 with successfully completed

The operation was necessary to involve about 20 people, several support vessels, 2 barges,
2 tugs and a crane large lattice: Liebherr LR1600.

Thursday morning was over the rescue operation of fast ferry property Baleària Two Maverick, which ran aground on 15 February in the island of Sa Turret, while covering the link between Ibiza and Formentera.
After weeks of study and planning by the engineer Kepa Kruzeta Crane finished yesterday Usabiaga operation 9:58 am wings finally came when the ferry was able to place 125 tons in weight and 38 meters on the pontoon that has subsequently carried Denia to download

The whole operation began on Wednesday at noon when the horizon you could see the arrival of the large crane of 600 tons located above the pontoon towed Liebherr LR1600, from the port of Alicante. Within hours it was impossible to place the crane in an ideal place to start operation came as a small swell waves which hindered the stability of the pontoon. Finally around 17:00 hours the sea was calm and was able to place the crane near the shore safely and start with the rescue of the catamaran, placement of the winches and rear elevation. The crane lifted the ferry at 20:15 pm, leaving to form part of the landscape since his accident happened on 15 February. Once built the ferry, we proceeded to separate it from the coast to a safe distance, so that early in the morning of Thursday 24 is appropriate to cast the Maverick Two for the pontoon that would transport to Denia. In the morning has been downloaded in that place.

The huge crane Liebherr LR1600 Usabiaga Crane, Crane art market has been key to the successful operation. The crane was installed on a barge of 35 meters by 25 meters equipped with a counterweight of 130 tons, is equipped with 48 m boom and is capable of levatar 120 tons at a distance of 32 meters. Usabiaga cranes has one of the most modern machinery parks in Europe, is present in several countries and is one of the largest European companies specializing in high elevations and special transport.

Article and photos:
xavi bcn

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