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LTM 1200 Liebherr cranes and Demag AC 200: Gateway Round Bay

Crane LTM 1200 and AC 200

Crane LTM 1200 and AC 200

Early in the morning scheduled flight reopened to traffic on the Round Bay was cut on Tuesday to install the gateway that will facilitate pedestrian traffic between Igollo and Herrera. The connection over the freeway will be possible after the installation of two 110-ton piece of metal weight.
Both parts of the walkway were transported to that point by a special vehicle with a four-axle tractor and a gondola 'dolly' back. One side of the bridge is 40 meters long and weighed 65 tons, while the other, 25 meters, was somewhat lighter, 45 tons.
Work on the assembly of two plates on the 4.7 kilometer point of the round lasted three days. And they have made through the intervention of two huge cranes of 200 tons of signature Usabiaga Cranes, feathers that supported and facilitated the joint parts between them and their engagement with the concrete structure that starts the gateway both hands. In the middle of the highway serves as a steel column supporting the bridge.
While these works have lasted vehicle traffic was diverted temporarily by the CA-308 between the roundabouts of the green and Camarreal in Peñacastillo.
The place where you installed the gateway belongs to the service of the stretch-Cacicedo Parbayón Round Bay, a portion of highway that was added to the stretch-Peñacastillo Cacicedo necessary to facilitate traffic movement for that round from the S- 20 to the A-67 and N-623, and vice versa. The other portion of that section, from the truth until Parbayón is not yet in service.

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